Project Details

Project Time Frame

The initial work of surveying the project area has commenced. Door-to-door surveys will be conducted during the third quarter of 2017. These door-to-door surveys will determine where connections to homes will be located and if a pumping system will be needed. Work also has begun on the engineering report.

Moving forward, this website will host meeting notices, updates on engineering reports, progress on work schedules as well as contact information for asking questions.

What to Expect with a Door-to-Door Survey

    • You will be notified by mail and on the website about the work schedule
    • Survey crews will consist of two men with photo IDs
    • The survey crews will be from B. Thayer Associates
    • They will obtain the following information:
  1. Topographic information on the property
  2. First-floor elevation of the residence/business
  3. Sewer line invert elevation
  4. Take a picture of the property

The survey crews will leave a flier on how to measure the sewer line invert elevation if you are not at home or do not want to allow them access to your property.

The Project Team for the Connetquot River Sewer Project is comprised of the following members:

  • Suffolk County Department of Public Works
  • P.W. Grosser Consulting – project leader
  • CJ2 Communication Strategies – public relations and community outreach
  • Bowne AE&T Group and B. Thayer Associates – survey teams